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#WhatToWatch: Top Must-Watch Latest Chinese Dramas You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Are you caught up in the C-drama fever too? We’ve got some fantastic new recommendations you absolutely can’t miss out on!

From traditional costume dramas, modern romance dramas to suspense dramas, there is bound to be something for everyone.

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1. Divine Destiny (尘缘)

Zhang Yinyin, the bright and unrestrained senior sister of the Xi-Xuan Sect, went down the mountain and “turned” back to Ji Ruochen, a fake exiled immortal eager to cultivate immortals. Watch how a confident senior chases after a handsome junior; and how a novice cultivator overcomes challenges to ascend as an immortal, adapted from the novel of the same name by Yan Yu Jiang Nan.

Cast: Angelababy (杨颖) and Ray Ma (马天宇)

You can watch this series on iQIYI.

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