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It’s a Crazy Christmas again

Denise Tan is the latest Dolly
Denise Tan is the latest Dolly
Denise Tan is the latest Dolly

Dream Academy’s annual Crazy Christmas returns with a bang, with the return of the Dim Sum Dollies

By Cheryl Chia

The Dim Sum Dollies return to the stage with their newest member, Denise Tan.

The Dollies – Selena Tan and Pam Oei – had gone on hiatus to grieve the loss of their fellow Dolly, the late Emma Yong. Emma had been part of the group since their debut in 2002.

We speak with Denise on putting on new shoes as well as her festive reflections.

How has joining the Dim Sum Dollies been for you?

So far, so great! It’s been a pretty seamless integration, because Pam and Selena are friends I’ve worked with for many years; so in terms of working style, getting along, everything’s been smooth.

Plus, they’ve been very warm, welcoming and super supportive.

What can we expect from the Dim Sum Dollies this Crazy Christmas?

The same bold, bright, beautiful, loud, over the top, irrepressible spirit of good fun, zingy observations on life,  three-part harmonies and great festive entertainment.

We’ll definitely be singing, dancing and skit-ing up a storm!

Any future plans you can share with us?

Besides Crazy Christmas this year, we’re planning a full length Dollies show next year, but that’s all I can say for now.

What are you happy for this Christmas?

Finally, a break! I’ve been juggling TV, radio and theatre non-stop since May. And always my family, my friends, and a chance to feast festively without guilt.

Now, pass the champagne and buttery mashed potatoes! [Smiles]

If you could pick three people to visit, in the past , present and yet to- come, who would they be?

I’d like to go back to the past and meet myself at 19 – best and worst age to be! Not quite an adult, last legs as a teen. I’d tell me everything would be ok and my worst fears were nothing, but I’d also like to learn from 19-year-old me how to be as confident, happy go- lucky and gung-ho about doing new things.

For the present I’d like to meet my favourite females, Wonder Woman and Miss Piggy! We’ll drink beer, eat (beef) burgers and fries and gossip about men. Then they can show me how to fight bad guys/frogs.

For the future, I think leaving a little bit of life’s mysteries intact makes things more exciting, don’t you? So let’s leave the future for me to discover as it happens!

What can people expect at Crazy Christmas?

You’ll laugh, you’ll sing, you’ll clap your hands and tap your toes to the infectious performances and it’ll put you in the mood for a very merry ‘ting tong’ Christmas.

Catch Denise Tan and the Dim Sum Dollies in Crazy Christmas: Ting Tong Belles, at the Esplanade Theatre from Dec 11 to 22.