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5 Things Jay Chou Did That Prove He’s Still #1 Bae

The king of Mandopop may be a father now, but Jay can still be your bae

Photos and Text: Pamela Chow

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This morning, I found myself blasting back to my secondary school days with good ol’ hits like “Shan Hu Hai” (“Coral Sea”) and “An Jing” (“Silence”) – and I realised that although I haven’t listened to Jay Chou’s songs in a decade, I could still recall almost every lyric and tune.

The thing is, no matter how much or little you listen to Mandopop, and however many Chinese popstars come and go, you’ll have to admit that Chou is still a big deal. He was, after all, one of the pioneers of Mandopop and Taiwan’s music scene.

So if you consider him one of your idols even up to now, I won’t judge – because after meeting Jay Chou in Singapore at his newest Phantaci store in Orchard Gateway today, I could see five big reasons why.

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