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Ever Tried Hatching Your Pokémon Egg In The Bath?

You can now pre-order Pokémon Egg bath bombs from this Etsy seller

Photos: CreatedByRebeccaLynn/Etsy

If you’re a hardcore Pokémon Go player, you’re probably familiar with the frustration and satisfaction that comes with hatching a Pokémon egg.

From circling the living room in a helpless attempt to hatch that 2km egg or cycling outdoors in order to crack that 10km egg, we’ve probably done all of that.

However, one woman on Etsy has made it much easier to unveil these covetable critters. Rebecca Lynn has created Pokémon Egg bath bombs that will not only fill your bath tub with heavenly scents but also hatch a couple of plastic Pokémon figurines.

These handmade bath bombs are now available for pre-order and come with ingredients like citric acid, epsom salt, olive oil, essential oils, fragrance oils, grapeseed oil, shea butter and more.

Shop it here.

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