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Chua En Lai Dishes Out His Favourite Travel Tips

The local comedian uses his new Air NZ cred to share his top tips for flying comfortably

Photos: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

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A mogul in a cushy Business class plane seat spreads a napkin on his lap, and receives a glass of red wine from a stewardess. He swirls it and, in a fancy British accent, declares, “A glass of exceptional New Zealand wine and a carefully scheduled power nap is the only way to fly.”

But that was no English snob. In fact, you may recognise him as Singaporean comedian Chua En Lai, the new local ambassador of Air New Zealand (NZ).

In the airline’s latest promotional video, Chua appears as a variety of passengers, ranging from the aforementioned “discerning businessman” to a “doting mom”. (Yes, he cross-dressed for this.) Check it out:

Weekender finds out why Chua hopped on board as Air NZ’s ambassador, his favourite places in the Land of Kiwis and what travel tips he can let us in on.

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