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#WeekenderEat: Chongqing-style Hotpot Restaurant Uncle Fong Opens Its First Overseas Outpost In Singapore

Hong Kong celebrities such as Carina Lau, Cheung Chi Lam and Stanley Kwan have been spotted dining at Uncle Fong Hotpot Restaurant in Hong Kong. Now this wildly popular Uncle Fong Hotpot Restaurant opened its doors in Singapore.

Mr Fong Chi Chung founded this restaurant. He first carved his name with Michelin-starred restaurant Putien. After visiting countless hot pot restaurants in Chongqing, he compiled his personal likes. Viola! An authentic Chongqing hot pot restaurant is born to targeting at discerning hot pot gourmands.

What can you expect from their first overseas outpost? Expect that this Authentic Chongqing hot pot offers ingredients not commonly found at other hotpot restaurants in Singapore!

Signature Chongqing Soup Base in Unique Nine-grid Layout

Their signature soup base is the Signature Chongqing Soup Base. The soup base is brewed and simmered from premium imported spices and condiments. Such as Chongqing Shizhuhong Chilli, Sichuan Hanyuan Pepper, Refined High-Quality Beef Tallow, Sichuan Pixian Bean Paste and Yunnan Yellow Ginger. Next, the freshest ingredients go into the pot, which is specially curated to complement the soups.

One of the most identifiable features of Uncle Fong Hot Pot is the unique nine-grid layout of its pot that segregates it into three different heat zones.

The heat is strongest in the middle square where the fire is more concentrated, making it ideal for blanching quick-cook foods instead of long cooking. On the other hand, the four grids around the centre square of the pot are heated with even, medium heat. Making it best for poaching foods. Finally, the corner grids get the least amount of heat and this simmers the soup in low heat, making it perfect for stewing.

The different levels provide different temperatures of soup and different beef tallow concentrations allowing you to fully experience the taste of the broth and ingredients.

Singapore Exclusive Soup Base

There is also an exclusive Fruit and Vegetable Soup that is available in Singapore only. It is a comforting broth that sounds as sweet as its name. The chicken broth is boiled for hours with ingredients such as sugarcane, water chestnut, coconut water, sweet corn, apple and pear slices. To add a tangy dimension with tomatoes, coriander and wolfberries. Mild, delicate and incomparably sweet, it is a refreshing option perfect for Singapore’s hot climate.

Seasonal and Specially Curated Ingredients

Other than the freshest selection of meats, seafood, vegetables and produce, you also can find some items which are not commonly found at other hot pot restaurants.

Razor Clams

Like seasonal ingredients come in the form of Razor Clams (S$24/full-portion, S$12.50/half-portion), airflow into Singapore directly from Putien every week.

Beef Tripe

The Beef Tripe (S$24/full portion, S$12.50/half-portion) is a premium ox tripe. It is served properly cleaned and cut into wide and thin strips for ease of consumption.

Pig Throat

The Pig Throat (S$18/full portion, S$9.50/half-portion) is also a delightfully chewy treat, with the aorta going through repeated steps of washing. Next, the outer layer of skin film is removed and then cut into pieces before serving.

Putien Soft Tofu

You can also add in more sweetness and flavour with their exclusive in-house ingredients such as The Putien Soft Tofu (S$6/full0-portion, $3.50/half-portion), The Dried Gong Choi (S$8/full-portion, S$4.50/half-portion) and The Wulong Sweet Potato Noodles (S$8 full portion, S$4.50 half portion).

Opening Promotion

They are having an opening promotion right now. From now till 25 May 2022, enjoy one free Signature Drink for every diner from their Four Heavenly Kings series!

There are 4 complimentary drinks to choose from. There is The Oolong Iced Tea (S$8/800ml), or The Iced Roselle Tea with Fresh Orange (S$8/800ml). Also The Iced Bayberry Juice (S$8/800ml) or Captain Cool Passionfruit Cocktail (contains alcohol) (S$9/800ml).

Uncle Fong Hotpot Restaurant Singapore is located at Great World #B1-108/109, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994.

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