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For All Cats Lovers: Cats Of The World Purrzaar Returns

Cats of the World Purrzaar will be back at Crane @ Robertson to indulge cat lovers in all things feline!

Cats of the World (COTW) purrzaar will be back on 28 and 29 May 2022 so cat lovers should totally lock these dates onto their calendar!

Singapore favourite cat-related vendors such as Momshoo, Oatsie’s Trunk, Amy Handmade Ceramics, Eat To Draw, Purrballs, Troops On Print, and the Cat Mama Shop by CWS will be available at the bazaar. There are also new vendors such as Kitties In Need, The Pets Couture, Tiny Rabbit Hole, Yappy Pets, and Whimsy And Magic to look forward to.

The vendors one-of-a-kind cat designs and crafts for furry friends and their pawrents! Other than pet food and accessories, cat owners can also look forward to cute kitty artworks, fashion accessories, jewellery, stationery, ceramics and more.

Look out for Captain, the kitty ambassador for The Pets Couture who will make a special appearance at his Petting Corner to raise funds for Cat Welfare Society (CWS) and Crane, COTW Purrzaar aims to raise funds for CWS to support their causes and also offers a fun marketplace for talented makers and vendors to showcase their ‘meow-chandise’.

There will also be cat-themed workshops for cat lovers to get crafty and pick up a new skill or art! Sign up for these fun feline-centric workshops from blockprinting and resin art to sewing and crocheting. For bookings, please click here.

A cat adoption drive will also be at the venue on both days. Entry is free.

COTW purrzaar will be located at Crane @ Robertson.