Sweet treat with heart

The founders with some of the guests and supporters at the launch
The founders with some of the guests and supporters at  the launch
The founders with some of the guests and supporters at
the launch

Setting up a social enterprise is not easy, especially when you are still a student. 8 fahrenheit has achieved the laudable task of setting up an ice cream shop that hires the financially-challenged

By Cleon Ong

After every meal, our stomachs would usually be too full for us to take one more bite. Yet, somehow, there is always this magical space just for dessert.

To end off your meal and to completely satisfy your taste buds and tummy, what better way to fill that remaining void than with great, delightful ice cream?

Other sweet treats from 8 Fahrenheit
Other sweet treats from 8 Fahrenheit

Unfortunately, some people cannot afford ice cream, and other things. 8 Fahrenheit has come up with a solution.

8 Fahrenheit is an ice cream parlour selling artisanal ice cream at affordable prices. At the same time, they hire students from financially-challenged families.

8 Fahrenheit was set up by three students: Grace, Song Jie and Jia Hui. Having come from a financially-challenged family, Song Jie has always felt inclined to help in this cause. Together with their knowledge from their course of study, Business and Social Enterprise, the trio decided to embark on this unpredictable yet rewarding journey.

To help ease the financial difficulties that students and their family members face, 8 Fahrenheit provides employment for them. Together with flexible working hours and no minimum work hours, employees will also be able to better juggle their school work and their job. At the same time, the shop is on-campus, allowing employees to save on travelling time and expenses.

8 Fahrenheit’s launch was fun-filled
8 Fahrenheit’s launch was fun-filled

However, the trio’s journey has been tough, to say the least. Still students, setting up a business and raising their own capital has been no easy task.

They have had to fork out money from their savings and spent months planning and working just to come up with a sound plan. Even the location and design of the shop took months to finalise. Nevertheless, with the tremendous amount of detailed planning, determination and support from lecturers and fellow social entrepreneurs, 8 Fahrenheit finally came to fruition.

It is never easy setting up a business, much less while studying. Nonetheless, when the social enterprise becomes sustainable, the brightest smiles can be found on the founders and employees faces.

Support their cause and grab your taste of 8 Fahrenheit. You will soon be smiling too.

8 Fahrenheit, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, OurSpace @Blk 72; Mon to Fri, 11am-7pm (5pm during school holidays)