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Safer and easier housework

The EZ Lift system
The EZ Lift system
The EZ Lift system

Doing housework, even hanging up washed clothes, can be tedious and even hazardous. EZ Living has high-tech innovatiVE clothesline systems to help

Due to the difficulty of the task and living in high-rise environments, housework such as hanging the clothes out of windows after they have been washed, can be highly tiresome and even dangerous.

In spite of this, few know that there is the technology and various contraptions that can aid your mother, your helper, or even you.
Head down to check out some of these innovations from EZ Living this coming Vesak Day long weekend.

Safety First

“The demand for hanging laundry safely and with convenience becomes greater when there are newspaper reports of maids or owners falling out of windows when hanging out bamboo poles,” EZ Living founder Angeline Tan explains.

In light of these incidents in the news, Angeline decided to start EZ Living Pte Ltd in 2001. EZ Living provides solutions to hanging laundry safely and conveniently.

EZ Living has various systems that you can check out in their showroom.

You can choose to extend or retract the system based on your needs
You can choose to extend or retract the system based on your needs

Suitable for Flats

EZ Living has more than 10 models of systems to choose from. EZ Living’s various clothesline models suit most yard, air-con ledge, kitchen, balcony or utility configurations. They also suit most window openings and ceiling heights.

For condominiums where high ceilings and false ceilings make the use of traditional poles unusable and impractical, EZ Living has expanded its range to include retractable laundry systems for such particular constraints.

These systems are also especially suited to the constraints or design layout of HDB flats. EZ Living’s clotheslines systems not only greatly ease the difficulty of laundry hanging, its systems are also smartly-designed to retract to a wall or ceiling, thereby saving precious space in a flat.

Showroom & Site Assessment

EZ Living has a showroom displaying all the systems, so that customers can make an informed choice.

The services of site assessment and system consultancy and solutions on a non-obligatory basis are provided by EZ Living to give customers added benefit. Quick installations can also be arranged, with warranty periods applicable for most of the systems.

Hi-Dry System

EZ Living stocks a diverse range of products, including the best-selling system called the EZ Hi-Dry (made in Australia) with various pole lengths of 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m to choose from. EZ Living’s Hi-Dry system has the features of up-down/in-out retraction. On sunny days, the clothes are out; on rainy days, the EZ Hi-Dry keeps the clothes air-dry at ceiling height.

With the aging population rising, EZ Living has also considered this segment and included the Automated EZ Bella system from Korea. The Bella system can be operated by remote control, giving even greater convenience, ease and safety.

Why not drop by the showroom or call to arrange an on-site assessment or system consultancy session this Vesak weekend?

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