Turning hip-hop on its head

#50 Entertainment Power 98 Music Review Turning hip-hop on its head 1

#50 Entertainment Power 98 Music Review Turning hip-hop on its head 1

Move over grunge, Frasier, and Starbucks. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are the new stars of Seattle

By Sonja Steinmetz

Most rappers talk about how much bling they have, how many bottles of expensive booze they’re popping and what designer labels they’re wearing. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis do their shopping at the thrift shop.

Most rappers’ music videos are filled with big booties and boobies and they brag about how many girls they’ve banged but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have a song that supports marriage equality.

In fact that very song, “Same Love”, just bagged them a Moonman at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards for Best Video With a Social Message.

They’ve certainly made a splash but who exactly are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis?

#50 Entertainment Power 98 Music Review Turning hip-hop on its head 2Introducing the Next Big Thing in Rap

The duo from Seattle, Washington – an area in the USA not typically known for producing rap superstars – met in 2006. Ryan Lewis was working as a photographer for Macklemore (born Ben Haggerty) at the time but, luckily, ditched his camera and decided to make beats for him on a full-time basis.

Fast forward seven years and The Heist, their debut album, is making waves on the charts not only in their native USA but in Europe and Asia as well. “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us” hit No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart, while “Same Love” peaked at No. 5.

A Story of Life & Struggle

Macklemore’s raspy vocals and dynamic flow tell a story of struggle and success. His lyrics evoke very specific moments with his unique observations on life, love and art.

Coupled with Ryan Lewis’ energetic and catchy beats, this album is essential for your collection.

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