7 Most Epic Moments At The #Fluffy Breaks Even Show

America’s top comedian belted out a full set of fresh side-splitting material

By Pamela Chow; Photos: Courtesy of Anthony Nunez

Gabriel1 (Photo Anthony Nunez)

Call me obsessed, but almost every Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias video on my YouTube account is marked as “Watched”. So when I entered The Star Theatre for his live show on Monday, I was hoping to have my sides split with original and new content.

I was not disappointed. Sure, Fluffy started off with some old lines – like joking about falling off stage and squashing audience members in the front – but I chalked it up to opening nerves, since he doesn’t memorise his sets.

Instead, once he went into full swing, Iglesias was an absolute hoot. Here are the best moments of his show in Singapore.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

1. When he cracked Singapore-specific jokes

“What did I want to tell you guys about?” – This was a common phrase we heard peppered throughout Fluffy’s show as he tried to remember anecdotes of his arrival in Singapore.

From meeting a deadpan customs officer to playing luggage tug-of-war with an “aggressively accommodating” hotel bellboy, Fluffy walked us through his hilarious memories of being on our sunny island.

“You guys need to make up your mind here,” he joked about Singapore’s weather. “Our driver heard thunder and turned on his windshield wiper. Then, suddenly, we heard birds singing again. Make up your mind!”

When confirming if Singaporeans are really called “Singaporeans”, he was met with a resounding “yes” from the crowd, prompting him to back off with his hands in the air. He joked, “See what I meant when I said you guys are aggressively accommodating?”

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