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Experience the World Premiere of ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ In Singapore

The highly anticipated Immersive Disney Animation exhibit, “Let It GO” has officially opened at the Sands Theatre in Marina Bay Sands.

The premiere of “Let It Go” from Frozen coincides with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s 95th birthday. Immersive Disney Animation is an unparalleled exhibit, designed to take visitors on a magical journey spanning 100 years of Disney’s animated classics.

The immersive 90-minute experience is divided into three sections.

In the first section, be greeted by all 62 film posters showcasing a century of Disney animated masterpieces. Rarely-seen maquettes of Disney characters and cherished artefacts from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library pay tribute to Walt Disney’s iconic legacy. A towering 3.6-meter tall Mickey Mouse offers insights into the origins of Disney’s storytelling magic.

In Exhibit Area 2, visitors delve deeper behind the scenes, exploring the artistry, technology, and creativity that breathe life into Disney’s sketches by legendary animators. The section showcases the evolution of beloved Disney scenes, characters, and songs. It includes an animator’s desk featuring character creation time-lapses and introduces the talented animators behind Disney’s enduring legacy, offering a unique and engaging experience for all.

The exhibit features settings from various Disney films worldwide, inviting visitors to explore the locales that inspired beloved stories—from Mulan’s China to Beauty and the Beast’s France and Brother Bear’s Alaska. Drawing tables also allow enthusiasts of all skill levels to learn and improve their animation techniques, fostering creativity and celebrating the art of Disney animation.

Introducing the Show Gallery—a revolutionary 360-degree environment meticulously crafted to envelop visitors in the enchanting narratives of Disney. Explore captivating displays showcasing scenes, characters, and songs from classic and contemporary Disney animated films. The immersive experience extends further with a responsive floor projection synchronized with visitors’ steps, complemented by interactive wristbands illuminating and guiding, ensuring a magical journey through the exhibition.

Noteworthy among the highlights is a truly remarkable moment when snow bubbles unveil the frozen landscapes of “Show Yourself” from Frozen II. Brace yourself for spectacular moments as the Show Gallery weaves together the magic of Disney in a mesmerizing tapestry of sight and sound.

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