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10 Interior Designs Inspired By The Kinfolk Aesthetic

Design your home with the same aesthetic of your favourite minimalist lifestyle magazines

Home décor is all about reflecting one’s lifestyle these days. Rather than just a combination of trendy features, homes today tend to ooze more individuality, with elements that represent not only the occupants’ taste in design but their lifestyle and values as well.

Perhaps this trend is inspired by hipster bibles such as the Monocle and Kinfolk, magazines which often preach about the value of good design and showcase homes that embody a particular way of living.

The abodes that grace the pages of Monocle veer towards a cosy, lived-in look that focuses on durability and is filled with everything that’s meaningful to the people that stay there. On the other hand, Kinfolk is a guide to a minimalist lifestyle that glorifies slow and simplified living, expressed through calm and uncluttered spaces.

And if we were the editors of these lauded magazines, these local homes will definitely be in the next issue!


Kinfolk-style homes

1. This apartment’s simple lines, light shades, and smoky greys come together to exude an ethereal vibe that will no doubt appeal to Kinfolk fans. Do take note that this look is only suitable for homeowners who do not require much storage compartments, and can keep clutter from building up over the years!

Interior Designer: Linear Spaces Concept
Location: Holland (HDB)
Cost of renovation: $55,000



2. The use of white, beige, and wooden colours enable this elongated common area to appear calming to the eye. Having furniture with clean silhouettes and keeping decorative items to a minimum also adds to the serenity of this space.

Interior Designer: Asolidplan
Location: Heritage View (condo)
Cost of renovation: $100,000



3. Negative spaces can speak volumes. So if you are blessed with a spacious home with sweeping areas, allow space itself to take centre stage. This elegant private residence does just that, and the result is a stunning home that is timeless and brimming with grace.

Architect: HYLA Architects
Location: Eng Kong Gardens (landed)




4. The beauty of this family home is that despite its cavernous proportions, every space exudes the right amount of cosiness. This is achieved with clever planning to create proportionate spaces and a good blend of warm colours and natural textures.

Architect: HYLA Architects
Location: Faber Terrace (landed)



5. By keeping the majority of the home’s surfaces white, you’ll get a blank canvas that can be built upon with ease. Here, pops of colours and quirky accessories effortlessly bring certain areas to life without upsetting the home’s overall sense of simplicity.

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept
Location: Ferraria Park (condo)
Cost of renovation: $74,000





Monocle-style homes

6. Unabashedly unconventional, this eccentric home is a heady mixture of contemporary, industrial, retro, country, and even traditional Eastern and Western styles that manages to gel so well together. The owners’ eccentric outlook is prevalent in every corner of this home, making it a Monocle-worthy feature!

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Mimosa Park (condo)



7. While most of this condominium unit is clad in black and white surfaces, it is filled with statement lighting designs and enigmatic artworks that hold clues to the people that dwell here.

Interior Designer: Habit
Location: The imperial (condo)
Cost of renovation: $125,000




8. Instead of having your home done up in a singular style, which can appear a little too predictable at times, why not mix it up instead? This home, for example, has vintage and industrial elements interwoven exquisitely to lend the space a laidback charm.

Interior Designer: Versaform
Location: Boon Tiong Road (HDB)
Cost of renovation: $65,000




9. By anchoring the entire apartment with a handful of calculated statement features, and decking the rest of the space out with a collection of carefully curated furniture pieces, this home manages to stay sparse yet appear amazingly arresting. It certainly ascertains that less is indeed more – all you need is just a few daring choices!

Interior Designer: The Scientist
Location: Dakota Crescent (HDB)
Cost of renovation: $160,000




10. This urban pad proves that monochromatic doesn’t have to be dull! Style can be easily injected with a few select pieces, such as the bar stools that mimic bottle caps, Mid-century Modern sofa, and even the bicycle (why stow it away in the store room when it can add a lived-in charm to the home!).

Interior Designer: Uno Interior
Location: Serangoon North (HDB)
Cost of renovation: $70,000

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