Watch Cats Playing, The Shibuya Crossing, And More In Real-Time On These Live Webcam Feeds From Around The World

There’s even an interactive one where you can remotely control various objects

The world is a fascinating place. Thankfully, some smart people all over the world have thought to install webcams that stream live the wonders of our natural world, busy city streets, and more, just for our viewing pleasure.

Sure, viewing the streets of Times Square or the Northern Lights on your computer screen are incomparable to the real thing, but while you’re saving up for that big trip, why not enjoy a real-time and free preview of their beauty to give you some motivation? If you’re up and bored during the wee hours of the morning, there’s always something exciting going on in another part of the world. From cat and dog playrooms to sunsets over the beach, these 24-hour live video feeds are lovely company for your every mood.

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Photo: Drive Me Insane

10. Drive Me Insane

We saved the weirdest one for the last. In 1997, a guy in Texas, USA, decided to rig up his home office for online users to control it remotely via a webcam. Play around with the dashboard below the video – with one click, you can switch on or off the various lamps and disco ball. Type a message on the side and it will appear on the marquee sign. We’re oceans away from Texas, but here we are, controlling the objects in this stranger’s room in real time! The one objective here is simply to drive the owner insane, so have at it!


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