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5 Eye-catching Mooncakes You Should Get Based On Looks Alone

Our list takes into consideration not only the appearance of the mooncakes, but also the beautiful boxes that safeguard them

Pardon us as we go against the proverb of judging a book by its cover when mooncakes are involved. Likening to precious gems in treasure troves, the presentation of mooncakes is something not to be taken lightly of when the Mid-Autumn festivities come around. From the intricate etchings on their snow-skin facades to the elaborate vessels that host them, these mooncakes have commanded our attention with their gorgeous appearances alone.

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Photo: Crystal Jade/Disney

1. Mickey and Friends Musical Carousel Collection ($88 for a box of eight) 

It lights up, rotates and plays music! Yes, Mickey and Friends Musical Carousel Collection does all three if you’re looking for a true dramatic mooncake offering. Designed by Disney’s own artists, the fully functioning musical carousel mooncake box is basically a gorgeous rose gold-glided tin that comes with a switch button. After connecting to a power source with the provided USB cable, the mooncake box comes alive, gently spinning around to display the 3D-graphics of beloved characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy riding on a merry-go-round.  The joyful tune of ‘Mickey Mouse March’ is played at the same time. Inside the tin is a removable two-tier dessert tray to hold the snowskin mooncakes of pink coral-touting Pandan Lotus with Gula Melaka in a beautiful pink coral shade, and Chocolate Manuka honey in a light brown shade.

Available at Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts’ outlets until 24 September 

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