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Latest Smart Beauty Tools That You Need on Your Vanity Table

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Skin Inc Supplement Bar has partnered with +SABI AI Corp to debut +SABI AI – the world’s first 360 wellness and skin health coach app.

The +SABI AI application is the first-ever in the market that combines:
– Diagnostics on lifestyle and environmental exposure and stressors
– Computer-vision & AI recommendations based on face scans taken daily
– Hydrosensor technology to track moisture level, a major factor in skin health
– UV and pollution index tracking and recommendations
– Take the wellness & skin health journey together and share it

The app is launched together with Skin Inc’s NEW Tri-LightTM skin tech device. Together, they form the industry’s first powerful combination that recognizes that wellbeing is determined by a balance of wellness and skin health.

+SABI AI is available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Tri-LightTM +SABI Skincare Device is available online, Skin Inc Flagship Concept Store at ION Orchard, Skin Inc Institute at Scotts Square, and Sephora.

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