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Where To Watch All The Oscars 2019 Best Picture Nominees

Most of them are still showing in cinemas, so hurry!

The 91st Academy Awards have come and gone, a host-less night that gave us many memorable moments. What did you think about the Best Picture pick? Was it a surprise to you, and were you upset that your favourite movie got snubbed? If you haven't seen most or even any of the movies nominated for the night's top prize, make some time to catch them all now so that you can discuss which should have won with your friends and family! Most of the movies are still showing in Singapore cinemas, where you can best experience the movie magic.

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Photo: Yorgos Lanthimos/20th Century Fox

6. The Favourite

Utterly bizarre and weird, The Favourite is one of the most unique movies we’ve seen in recent years. Set in 18th century England, it stars Olivia Colman (who scooped up the Best Actress award) as Queen Anne, Rachel Weisz as the Queen’s closest friend Lady Sarah, and Emma Stone as Sarah’s poor estranged cousin Abigail. Call it a lesbian love triangle or a heated power struggle, their relationships give us lots of funny and surprisingly dark moments.

Where to watch it: Catch it at The Projector on 3 and 5 March, or at selected Golden Village, Cathay and Shaw cinemas.

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