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#WhatToWatch: Movies And Live Performances To Watch This October

Let the fabulous Kinky Boots raise you up, Lady Gaga's live-singing film wow you, and various true-life dramas inspire you

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2. A Star Is Born

We went completely gaga over this movie when we heard that Lady Gaga would be not only starring, but also singing in it. Here’s an incredible fun fact: all the singing in the movie was done live. Yup, there’s no lip-syncing and pre-recordings. The bold move of singing live, especially from the amazing Lady Gaga, keeps things exciting in this third remake of the original 1937 musical film, with previous adaptations starring Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland. Even Bradley Cooper, who makes his directorial debut here, also sings live. Based on the trailer, he’s got some chops, enough to convince us that he’s a seasoned country star, Jackson Maine. On the search for new talents, Jackson meets struggling singer-songwriter Ally (Lady Gaga), and as he helps her reignite her dreams to be a singer, he becomes both her mentor and lover. But can their love sustain the tests and trials of fame?

Release date: 4 October

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