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5 Books To Gift Your Kids This Children’s Day Based On Their Age

Read aloud with your little ones for a fun bonding time!

After a day out with your child at the various activities and events lined up this Children’s Day weekend, kick back on the bed for some story time. Besides improving your child’s literacy and vocal expressions, books are an awesome gift for the whole family to bond by reading aloud together. This Children’s Day, gift your kids the magic of reading, and get in touch with your inner child too! We’ve selected five books great for reading together and organised them by their suitable age ranges, so set aside some snuggling time to enjoy a great story with your little ones.

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For Ages: Babies to Two

Photo: Goodreads

1. Dinosaur vs. Bedtime (by Bob Shea)

Your dinosaur-obsessed kids will have a blast reading aloud this cheeky little picture book. The spunky little bright red dinosaur can defeat anything – spaghetti, grown-ups, falling leaves, even bath time – all with a huge ROAR! But he meets his match in bedtime. Will he be able to overcome this challenge?

Full of colourful images more than words, this board book invites lots of simple reader participation and will have your little ones join in on the roaring in no time. They would recognise the familiar scenarios of conquering everyday challenges like slides and baths. It’s also perfect as a bedtime story to open up your kid’s imagination before they sink into sleep. If you enjoy Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, look out for the rest of the playful Dinosaur series by Bob Shea, where the dinosaur battles the potty, school, and more!

You can find the book at Kinokuniya, Book Depository, or the library.

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