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#WhatToWatch: Catch All These Hottest China Drama Series

Are you a fan of China dramas? Are you looking for a new drama to start?

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1. The Knockout (狂飙)

Assembling a team of experienced actors known for their superb acting skills, The Knockout (狂飙) has undoubtedly claimed the title of one of the most popular series in China.

In the year 2000, policeman An Xin (played by Zhang Ze) befriends the often-bullied fishmonger Gao Qiqiang (played by Zhang Songwen). However, Gao Qiqiang and his brother stray from the path of righteousness, eventually becoming leaders of the mafia in the city of Jinghai. The two friends end up on opposing sides of the law, beginning a 20-year-long feud.

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