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#WhatToWatch: 10 Most Romantic Movies Will Put You in the Mood for Love

Whether you spend Valentine’s Day with your love or alone, these movies will allow you to believe in true love all over again!

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1. Moonrise Kingdom

Fancy love stories that are both romantice and exciting? This may be just right for you.

The year is 1965, and the residents of New Penzance, an island off the coast of New England, inhabit a community that seems untouched by some of the bad things going on in the rest of the world. Twelve-year-olds Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward) have fallen in love and decide to run away. But a violent storm is approaching the island, forcing a group of quirky adults (Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray) to mobilize a search party and find the youths before calamity strikes.

Release Date:  29 June 2012 (USA)

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