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Soak up the sun & have fun with Angela

Sunset at the beach in Goa
Sunset at the beach in Goa
Sunset at the beach in Goa

The new series “Beach Life with Angela Kan” takes viewers to various destinations to explore blissful island living

Join TLC’s newest host, Angela Kan, as she travels to five of Asia Pacific’s most beautiful beaches in her quest to discover what it means to live life on the water’s edge.

From the coastal city of Cairns, Australia to the idyllic island of Boracay in the Philippines, Angela is scouting the Asia Pacific region for the best beaches and most interesting personalities.

Beyond Tourist Traps

In each episode of this fivepart series, Angela travels to one exotic destination – in Australia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand – and immerses herself in everything that these beach towns have to offer.

Through people, food, art and activities, Angela soaks up the diverse cultures and lifestyles of these places while enjoying the sun, sand and sea. Whether Goa in India, Koh Phangan in Thailand or Bali in Indonesia, she digs deeper to uncover a different side to these popular spots beyond typical tourist pursuits.

Join Angela in the beach life
Join Angela in the beach life

Local Life & Living

Angela dives into the experience by cooking with local fisherman, trying barefoot tango in the sand, sailing the paraw (sail boat),
participating in a festival procession, and taking in the sights in a vintage convertible.

There’s nothing more relaxing than living in paradise and Angela, along with her newfound local friends, provide fascinating insights into the lives in these beachside destinations.

“Beach Life with Angela Kan” premieres on Dec 9, 9pm, on TLC, StarHub Ch 427.

Photos: Marshmallow Media Ltd & TLC