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#WhatToWatch: 5 Most Anticipated Chinese Dramas You Cannot Miss

Done rewatching old dramas? Look forward to some new drama?

iQIYI’s “Sweet On” drama slate is introducing five new original drama series which will be launched over the next few months on iQIYI International. The exciting news is that these series will be headlined by 10 of the most popular Chinese stars in recent years.

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1. Love The Way You Are (爱情应该有的样子)

The romance drama features Angelababy (杨颖) and Lai Kuan Lin (赖冠霖) from Wanna One.

Yin Yike is a 35-year-old career woman who prides herself on being able to handle everything in life. Like a never-tired Wonder Woman, she takes care of everyone around her except herself.

She reunites with Xu Guang Xi, a young man who used to visit her house for free food as a little boy. Swoon over Xu’s sweet antics as he tries to pursue Yin, and grow into a mature adult that is worthy of the strong and independent woman he has fallen in love with. The two throbbing hearts who have experienced countless challenges and choices, start getting closer little by little. Understanding that the best love is not to sacrifice each other, they attract and respect each other so that can both become better people.

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