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Crowd Lu Announces Singapore Concert August 2022

Singapore is hosting the first large-scale overseas concert post-pandemic. Look forward to Crowd Lu’s concert in August 2022!

All 2000 tickets were sold out in his 2019 concert in Singapore so this time around! Crowd Lu is back with a larger venue at The Star Theatre to cater to all his fans!

Do you know that the 2021 C’MON Live Concert in Kaohsiung debuted a new chapter of inspiration? Tickets to the concert were sold out within seconds and Singapore is the second and first overseas stop to experience this new tour. Fresh from recent successful concerts in Kaohsiung and his spring tour in Taiwan, Lu is ready to dazzle and perform for his Singapore fans for the third time!

Lu’s acoustic melodies and songwriting catapulted him into the Mandopop spotlight. He has released multiple albums and smashes hits that won him awards and various accreditations. He went on tours in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, North America etc and amassed a huge following.

That’s not all. He also achieved a personal milestone by winning not only multiple Golden Melody Awards for music but also a Golden Bell Award for TV. In addition, he also won a Golden Horse Award for the theme song of the film “Your Name Engraved Herein” which has since garnered 56 million YouTube views till date. Was this one of your favourite songs at one point in time too?

Crowd Lu’s songs are born out of the simple and good things in life, and his concerts are filled with hope and celebrations of life’s fleeting beauty.

Be prepared to hear many classic hits such as 鱼仔, 刻在你心底的名字, that tugged our heartstrings and more. If you are looking forward to hearing his new songs, songs from the new album 励志论 will be sung live too! Lu also boldly challenged genres such as dance music, rock, bossa nova, and even disco RnB that he had never experimented with before in the new record.

C’MON and get ready for a memorable night to remember!

Date: 12 August 2022 (Friday)
Time: 7:30PM
Venue: The Star Theatre

Ticket prices start from S$88 and they can be booked via sistic from 14 June. If you are a CK Star Member, you may start booking your tickets during the priority sale on 13 June, 12pm here.