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Kelly airs her Dirty Laundry

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Third time’s the charm? Not for Kelly Rowland, who goes back to R&B for her fourth album, Talk A Good Game

By Charmaine Phua

Name all the members of Destiny’s Child. Most people would begin with Beyonce, then Kelly Rowland, and later remember that they forgot Michelle Williams.


Needless to say, Beyonce’s success has overshadowed that of her former partners in crime. Kelly Rowland, in her new album, Talk A Good Game, addresses the issue in what has to be her most controversial tune yet, “Dirty Laundry”.

Kelly breaks open Pandora’s Box in this track, starting with her jealousy of Beyonce’s success, and culminating in her experience of being in an abusive relationship – it seems like she’s taking tips from Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, releasing her emotions through her songs.

Despite her admission of jealousy, she’s still close to them, with all three reuniting on the track entitled “You Changed”.
The trio took the stage together at the Superbowl this year.

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With this album, Kelly revisits her R&B roots. Notable tracks include the first single, “Kisses Down Low”, which is her most successful single yet, and also the most explicit. Be warned, in case your kids start asking: “Mommy, what does that mean?”

I really enjoyed the groove on “Street Life”, which features Pusha T. and was written and produced by Pharrell Williams. That’s not the only track with Pharrell’s seal of approval – he also produced “Stand In Front Of Me”, with a distinct 1950s doo-wop spin.


Though she hasn’t experienced the success that Beyonce has, Kelly recorded over 70 songs for “Talk A Good Game”, so I’m sure she has another record or two up those translucent sleeves.

She’ll also be back in the spotlight, taking the seat next to Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato as a judge on the next season of X-Factor (starting in September), so it’s safe to say that, sometimes, airing your dirty laundry may not be such a negative thing after all!

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