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Downtown East transforms into Bikini Bottom!

The Krusty Krab, the popular burger joint from Nickelodeons’ SpongeBob SquarePants series, will be opening its doors at Downtown East!

Something spongey this way comes! Want to know how fun it is to have a job like SpongeBob SquarePants’? Get shortlisted for the opportunity simply by spending a minimum of $20 at Downtown East participating outlets! Redeem your entry passes at the information counter at E!hub.

Here is what to expect:

3.5m tall Patrick Star Christmas tree with a goofy smile awaits all at Downtown East
The gigantic 3.5m tall Patrick Star Christmas structure looks goofy as a tree!

Click, click, snap!

Tons of photo opportunities are abound here! I could not decide on where to begin. There is the colossal Patrick Star tree, the intricately done Krustry Krab restaurant (yes, life sized) and the adorable mascots strutting about in front of Spongebob’s pineapple home!

Bikini Bottom @ Downtown East - 4. Chasing out jellyfishes from Squidwards house.
Chasing out jellyfishes from grumpy Squidward’s house – how helpful!

Here our journey begins

As you enter the depths of the sea to swim your way down for an interview with Mr. Krabs, you pass by Squidward’s house. His house has been taken over by jelly fishes and the mighty duty of gunning them down falls onto you! Aim your air rifles at them and start pulling!

Bikini Bottom @ Downtown East - 6. Exterior of The Krusty Krab.
Check out the spankin’ exterior of Krusty Krab!

Oh it gets better!

Now you reach the Krusty Krab – did you think you could just waltz in and get the job? Of course not! Penny-pinching Krabs would have a fit if he hired the first sponge he sees. Now, you go through the challenging interview. Get your name badge on and ready your kitchen gloves!

Game station - cooking up the perfect Krabby Patty
Uh oh, will we find out the secret ingredient of a Krabby Patty here?

Best-kept secret of the seas

One of the challenges you will face is the Krabby Patty burger building! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the secret ingredient that has agonized Plankton for years but alas, it was nowhere to be seen. Yes, trade secrets have to be protected even from adorable, pleading kids!

Bikini Bottom @ Downtown East - 5. Meet and greet with SpongeBob and Patrick.
Meet and greet with lively mascots of SpongeBob and Patrick!

The finishing touch

Now you are finally qualified to don the “Krew” lanyard! Do a little victory dance and take your winning, million-dollar photo with the mascots of Spongebob and Patrick as they pose happily in front of Spongebob’s famous fruity home, the Pineapple!

That’s not all! Be one of the first 50 participants to pick up sponges released from SpongeBob SquarePants’ pineapple house and stand to win SpongeBob premiums and other fun treats absolutely free!

Bikini Bottom @ Downtown East - 1

Time: Weekdays: 4pm – 8pm | Weekends: 1pm – 8pm (Closed Tues)

Date: 15 Nov 2014 To 31 Dec 2014

Venue: Event Square, Downtown East

Website: http://www.downtowneast.com.sg/events/be_part_of_the_krusty_krab_krew#.VGrM8vmUeSo

Why wait – hop on over, score this dream job and add it to your resume!

By Nicole Lee