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9 things to eat, see and do this Christmas weekend (Dec 24-27)

Get into the spirit of revelry this weekend with the beats, eats and treats around town!

To eat

1. Yankee-style pizzas

Tony's Pizza - Signature Cheese Pizza (small)

Avoid the crowds and celebrate Christmas in the cosy comfort of home with Tony’s Pizza’s newly launched online ordering portal. Feast on three Christmas party combos featuring hearty combinations of Yankee-style pizza, pasta, chicken wings and more.

Pre-order any of the Christmas combos between now and Dec 21 and enjoy perks like free island-wide delivery and a special party starter kit that includes Christmas crackers and two bottles of sodas.

More information here.

2. Designer desserts


These are the most stylish desserts in town, courtesy of Japanese inspired cafe Karafuru Desserts and New York designer Alice and Olivia. The collaboration will see Karafuru’s interior and dessert sets decked out in A+O’s iconic monochrome palette and iconic ‘Stace Face’ image.

Available from now till Jan 31, every purchase of the tea set (from $18) will come with a redemption card which diners can use to redeem an exclusive coaster at Alice and Olivia’s Ion store.

More information here.

3. Fire and sake ramen

4. Tonkotsu Sake Ramen

Don’t underestimate the humble bowl of ramen. At Shin-Sapporo Ramen, you’ll find unusual ramens like the fire and sake ramen.

The former, a creamy and rich pork broth ramen, goes up in flames after boiling hot garlic oil is poured on it — a visual spectacular. The sake ramen, on the other hand, is a vinegar-based dish fragrant with the subtle aroma of sake.

More information here.

To see

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If you haven’t caught the latest installment of the space opera, now might be a good time since the opening weekend has passed and most people are now busy celebrating Christmas. If you need a little more persuasion to watch it, check out our preview here, or our review here (warning: spoilers).

2. Local designers and their inspirations

Singapore’s design community is growing, and if you’re a fan of some local designers, head on down to Keepers Playtime. Uncover the playful stories behind covetable pieces of work, attend public workshops and catch pop-up exhibitions. Awaken and inspire the inner child in you as you browse a selection of retail merchandise and designs.

More information here.

3. A fairly true story about a princess

The creators of “Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story” are back with another fairy tale musical — but with a twist. “Cinderella, A Fairly True Story” focuses on Cinderella’s terrible circumstances as told by a reporter. However, as the reporter recounts to the audience Cinderella’s life and ambitions, he rejects any magical interventions and encourages Cinderella to pave her own path.

More information here.

To do

1. Get free customised cookies and Foodpanda vouchers

For Christmas, Foodpanda’s furry panda bears is handing out customised cookies from local baker Missgoob. You can also stand to win other prizes, such as Foodpanda plushies and gift cards. This weekend, on Dec 24, Foodpanda will be at Raffles Green from 11.30am.
More information here.

2. Make your own gingerbread man cookies and more

Sentosa has come aglow with activities to entertain the whole family. Head over to the Port of Lost Wonder for the Christmas Joy fair, where you can make your own gingerbread man cookie, build a snowman, ride on a carousel, watch ‘elves’ at work, take a dip in the Snowy Wonderland (bubble party) or cool down in a frosty pool house.

The adults may find more merriment with Sentosa’s ‘live’ music performances, which are perfect settings for relaxing, sunset watching and sampling delicious grilled food.

More information here.

3. Have a night of  dining, drinks & magic in between

Whether you’ve been awfully good (or not) this year, treat yourself to this exquisite collaboration between Alemay Fernandez’s sultry bluesy tone and Richard Jackson’s vocal trombone. Their brand of jazzy Christmas jingles are guaranteed to warm the hearts of even the biggest Grinch.

More information here.

By Pamela Chow and Samantha Francis