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Christmas by the beach with tender beef ribs and salted egg yolk fondue

An affordable and scrumptious 3-course meal away from the festive crowds

seafood 1 (2)

A whole platter of fresh and delicious seafood to help you usher in Christmas

I’ve had my fare share of Christmas eves spent jostling with the crowds in town, having Santa hats and reindeer headbands shoved in my face — $50 a pair, anybody?

This year, I’ve decided to take my party far, far away from festive hell. Somewhere peaceful and relaxing like Sunrise Bistro & Bar perhaps.

The beauty of sous vide cooking

Tucked away at East Coast Park’s now-defunct Big Splash waterpark is the cosy beachside diner helmed by Chef Vincent Teng, which serves a slew of dishes cooked in his signature sous vide technique.

For the uninitiated, the sous vide cooking style results in incredibly tender meat that yield rich flavours.

With Sunrise’s festive menu, I experienced first hand the beauty of this cooking technique. The Meat Platter, featuring a Whole Red Snapper with Cereal Crust; BBQ Black Angus Beef Ribs; and Crispy Pork Belly with Five Spice Salt, was a delicious combination.

The beef ribs, cooked sous vide, were a unanimous favourite of my dining companions and I. Its charred skin with an unctuous and tender middle, reminded us of char siew, except it was less sweet.

Specially created sauces a must-try

meat platter 3 (2)

The sous vide BBQ beef ribs is a must-try

Fans of the popular zichar dish cereal prawns will be delighted by the red snapper, which comes coated in a layer of crisp cereal crust. Fresh and textural, this tasted especially good with the accompanying sauces, the tangy Sweet Chili and Pineapple Salsa and Homemade Apple and piquant Smoked Tomato Ketchup.

The platter also comes with Pumpkin and Potato Mash, Seasonal Sautéed Vegetables, and a side of rather bland-tasting French Fries in Truffle Oil — give the fries a miss, I say.

Also in the festive menu is the Chilled Assorted Seafood Platter, a colourful selection of Freshly Shucked Australian Coffin Bay Oysters, White Wine Blanched Live Prawns, Australian Blue Mussels, Venus Clams and Salmon Sashimi.

What impressed me most were the thoughtfully created sauces, Japanese Mignonette with Japanese Brown Rice Vinegar and Thai Style Roasted Tomato Dip, which elevated the freshness and natural sweetness of the seafood to a whole new level.

Yet another salted egg yolk dish?

fondue 1 (2)

No double dipping allowed!

For desserts, the Salted Egg Yolk & White Chocolate Fondue was an interesting creation. Far from being just another ubiquitous dessert on the salted egg yolk bandwagon, Sunrise’s fondue had a smooth consistency, wonderfully balancing the briny aroma of salted egg with the treacly white chocolate. Dip a strawberry in and you’ll know why.

All in all, Sunrise Bistro & Bar is an excellent option for those who’d like to enjoy a hearty feast far from the crowds. In fact, with East Coast Beach just metres away, one could easily spend a day luxuriating in the sea breeze before tucking into dinner.

Sunrise Bistro & Bar’s Sumptuous Festive Meal with Chilled Assorted Seafood Platter; Meat Platter; and Desserts is available for S$99 (good for 2-3) from now till Jan 1.

Sunrise Bistro & Bar, 902 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449874, Tel: 6440 9090

by Samantha Francis