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Christmas sweet treats

Be spoilt for choice by decadent yule logs, mini cakes set in festive baubles and alcohol-infused holiday breads

A show-stopping festive dessert will delight your guests and satiate your taste buds. Weekender savoured this season’s best treats and tells you which ones are worth a spot on your table — trust us, these were some tough contenders.


Goodwood Park Manjari Chocolate & Cassis Mousse Log Cake


Goodwood Park Hotel’s Manjari Chocolate and Cassis Mousse Log Cake Rich is decadent and full of delightful textures.


Goodwood Park Hotel’s Manjari Chocolate and Cassis Mousse Log Cake ($76) has all the dreamy textures you’ll want in a festive treat. It consists of a crunchy bed of sable feuilleté, lightly-textured dark Manjari chocolate mousse, hazelnut genoise and a surprise centre with tangy blackcurrant mousse, poached apple and pear.

With rich chocolate and fruity notes, this treat is a must-try.

Available at Goodwood Park Hotel.


Mandarin Oriental Christmas Snow White


Mandarin Oriental’s Christmas Snow White is the most delicious Christmas wreath you’ll see.


Shaped like a Christmas wreath crossed with a giant doughnut, the Mandarin Oriental’s Christmas Snow White ($42) will impress even your fussiest guests. A slice of the cake reveals roasted pistachio genoa layered with strawberry compote, apple confit and cream cheese Normandy mousse.

With ornate white chocolate snowflakes completing its look, the Snow White is an ideal festive treat.

Available at Mandarin Oriental Singapore.


Swensen’s Matcha Chocomallow Ice Cream Log Cake


Matcha lovers, don’t miss out on Swensen’s Matcha Chocomallow Ice Cream Log Cake.


Matcha, or stone-ground Japanese-style green tea, is a perennial favourite when it comes to cake flavours. Swensen’s Matcha Chocomallow Ice Cream Log Cake ($58) is a delectable creation, which beautifully shows off the astringent flavour and lingering sweetness of green tea.

Each bite combines the richness of matcha ice cream and light sponge, with bits of dark chocolate chips and soft marshmallows within.

Available at Swensen’s outlets.


Bakerzin Apple Pistachio Yule Log


If you prefer something light and fruity, go for the Bakerzin Apple Pistachio Yule Log. 


Tart and refreshing, the Bakerzin Apple Pistachio Yule Log ($70) is one log cake we can’t get enough of. Expect interesting textures from the dacquoise base — made of ground almonds and pistachio — to layers of apple jam with diced apple bits and mousse.

You might also be able to taste a subtle hint of Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka within these delicious layers.

Available at Bakerzin outlets.


Joël Robuchon La Bûche Baname Chocolat


Joël Robuchon Patisserie La Bûche Baname Chocolat is a classic combination of chocolate and banana.


Quality dark chocolate paired with sweet caramelised bananas is a classic combination that’s bound to delight dessert lovers. Joël Robuchon Patisserie introduces the La Bûche Baname Chocolat ($90), a delightful log cake made of Cacao shortbread, chocolate and caramelised bananas.

While the bananas lent a sweet touch, I would have preferred the chocolate to be less cloying.

Available at Joël Robuchon Patisserie.


Antoinette Snow Queen


You’ll be forgiven for thinking Antoinette’s Snow Queen log cake ($55) is inspired by Frozen’s Elsa, especially with its frosted exterior and theatrical shards of white chocolate snowflakes.

Made of light-as-air vanilla cream cheese parfait, exotic fruit cream, raspberry marmalade, milk chocolate praline crisps and financier cake with kirsch, this festive creation is a delightful treat.

The layer of milk chocolate praline crisps is so tasty, it should be a snack on its own.

Available at Antoinette outlets.


Crown Bakery Holiday Breads


There’s nothing like the heavenly smell of freshly-baked Christmas breads to usher in the season. Crown Bakery’s holiday breads — Panettone ($38), Stollen ($33) and Gugelhupf ($28) — are infused with alcohol and spiced fruits for a heady aroma.

Our favourite is the puffed dome Panettone, studded with raisins and candied orange peels along with hints of VSOP brandy, Jamaican rum and white wine.

Available at Crown Bakery.


Swissôtel Signature Swiss Rolls


Swissôtel Merchant Court’s signature Swiss rolls are placed inside Christmas ornament balls this year, making the two-cake set ($48) perfect as an eye-catching gift.

There are two flavours available — the luscious Red Velvet and Chocolate Mousse and the Pandan and Coconut Cream. Both are light and fluffy, but the latter stands out for its pandan fragrance and smooth coconut cream.

Available at Swissôtel Merchant Court.


By Samantha Francis