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Fresh Eats: New Restaurants To Check Out This Month (October 2021)

New opening means new promotions!

Check out the promotions before they are gone.

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8. Fanntasy Bakes

Fann Wong has launched her new online pastry brand called Fanntasy. Sink your teeth into the Signature Valrhona Chocolate Tart and Musang King Gula Melaka Tart, whose recipes are developed by the celebrity. Furthermore, Fanntasy’s packaging will feature a whimsical helmet-wearing rabbit character, which is solely designed and drawn by Fann.

Fanntasy cakes that you can expect includes:
– Signature Valrhona Chocolate Tart (S$58), chocolate sable serves as the base. The enticing chocolate cremeux is made with Valrhona 70% dark chocolate, which lends a richness and intense flavour without the cloying sweetness. Beneath the cremeux is a layer of delicate almond sponge, which balances out the overall flavour. Gold dust is then sprinkled atop the tart for a touch of sophistication.
– Musang King Gula Melaka Tart (S$68). Packing a potent punch, the filling is made with pure Musang King pulp and housemade gula melaka sauce. The snowing of desiccated coconut adds a subtle fragrance. All the ingredients are set in a gorgeous butter sable.

All cakes and tarts are available on fanntasybakes.com.sg.

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