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Fresh Eats: New Restaurants To Check Out February 2022

From Italian cuisines to desserts. There are a lot of new places for you to check out!

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1. Path Restaurant

Enjoy a Vivid Modern Asian Dining Experience at Path. Led by Chef Marvas, serves Modern Asian fare that feels and tastes sumptuous. Yet, it possesses a reassuring familiarity that warms the heart.

The cuisine that the diner discovers in Path is a multi-layered experience where each dish is a seamless composition of French fine-dining techniques and presentation. Furthermore, adding comforting East Asian flavours. For example the Signature Butter Roasted Soy Glazed French Poulet, served with Hong Kong Scallion Salsa and Fresh Salad. The preparation brings together French and East Asian culinary principles and techniques. The chicken undergoes brining, butter roasting, and hot smoking. It further utilises a clever Hong Kong/ Cantonese technique that uses 脆皮水 or “crispy skin water” to ensure – as its name suggests – crispy skin. And serviced together with three sauces like any good French dish.

Wine lovers will also find Path to be the start of an exciting journey. The team has chosen to focus on grape varietals, quality and the discovery of little-knowns. While many great well-known labels will still be available.

Path Restaurant is located at 12 Marina Boulevard, Tower 3, #01-05/06 Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore 018982.

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