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#TheWeekendList: 18-20 February 2022

Looking for activities to do this weekend? We highly recommend iWAN (i玩) Studio for some fun shots.

Or help out a furry friend in need!

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1. Level Up Your Selfie Game at iWAN (i玩) Studio

iWan (i玩) Studio is Singapore’s largest selfie studio that has recently opened at KH Plaza. The studio has an elaborate set-up of backdrops and props that create different ambiences, moods and facilitate characters’ play. Customers are transported to a whole new world that transcends time, space, and reality.

To enhance the immersive experience, iWan Studio also offers over 200 outfits and an extensive range of accessories. Customers can dress up to complement the various themes, ranging from fantasy, nostalgic, romantic to futuristic! Besides being a fun selfie studio, iWan Studio is also a perfect venue for events and special occasions. The team is able to customise and set up the place based on customers’ requirements or event themes.

iWan (i玩) Studio is locateed at 12 Aljunied Rd, #05-01 KH Plaza, Singapore 389801 (12-minute walk from Aljunied and Mattar MRT Stations).

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