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Food Delivery and Takeaway Options for You During the Circuit Breaker Period in Singapore

Do not know how to cook and you still want yummy food despite the circuit breaker? Here are 25 delicious options for you!

Thank god, food deliveries and takeaways are still available. You will never run out of food choices to eat when these restaurants are here for you.

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25. Peach Garden

Bento Sets and Takeaway Set are available at Peach Garden. You can place your orders via their E-shop, or call to place orders and self-collect for takeaways.

Free delivery is available for locations within 1 km of their outlets OR with a minimum spend of $68 Nett (for locations beyond 1km of PG’s outlets). An additional $18 nett for delivery applies if the total spending is below $68.

This promotion will be available until the end of April. The Bento Set @ $9.90 Nett will be available at Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar, Chinatown Point, Changi Airport T2, NTU and The Metropolis.

For just $9.90, you can have a choice of 2 Dim Sum selection + 1 Meat/Seafood dish + 1 Vegetable dish + 1 Main Course + 2 Complimentary Fruits/Desserts + 1 Complimentary Drink.

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