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Best Nail Polish Wraps For Your Easy DIY Manicures

Circuit breaker will end soon. Have you already made an appointment to do your hair, nails and face?

No nail salons are opened right now but you can beautify your own nails with the hottest technology in town – nail wraps. Nail wraps are super easy to use and there is no more trouble of any spillage or drying time.

The best thing is that they are more gentle and they do not dry out your nails as compared to chemical-laden gel polish. If you are careful with them, they may even last for more than 7 days.

Here are some of our favourite nail wraps brands that you can try:

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1. Nodspark

As Singapore’s leading designer of nail wraps, Nodspark has an unparalleled range of beautiful designs that have a professional finish, require no drying time and are scent-free. Together with exclusive collaborations with leading Asian and international brands, Nodspark celebrates your everyday beauty, your heritage and your unlocked time.

Available at society-a.com as well.

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