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6 Spooky Cocktails To Try This Halloween

Photos: Cointreau

With the help of six bartenders, original French liqueur Cointreau has come up with six spine-chilling cocktails this Halloween season. We track them down and share the taste and inspiration of each one.

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2. Slash by Silvio Daniele, Gibson

Movie Inspiration: Scream

An unknown killer stalks and taunts his victims before slaughtering them in a bloody manner. A group of friends are targeted by the same killer only to find out that it was one of them behind the mask all along.

Silvio reveals that her favourite part about Scream was how the most unexpected person turns out to be the serial killer. With that as inspiration, she went about transforming a detox concoction for a hangover (think beetroot juice and pink grapefruit) into an alcoholic drink perfect for Halloween.

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