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4 Organisations Doing Good You Should Check Out

Embracing empathy and social responsibility is easier than you think

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Photo: Singapore Art Museum

1. Singapore Art Museum

If you’re a firm believer of second chances, you should check out the Yellow Ribbon Community Art exhibition that runs until 22 October at the Singapore Art Museum.

The 10th edition of the exhibition features artwork by inmate artists at Changi Prison Complex and Changi Women’s Prison, and highlights their rehabilitative journey through art making. Apart from 108 artworks by both male and female inmate artists, the exhibition also commissioned artist-mentors Kim Whye Kee and Barry Yeow to create a mixed-media installation. The Flow of Time, a large suspended hourglass comprising broken and discarded materials, examines the function time plays in defining the individual and his or her personal journey. It also highlights the persisting value of each object; and metaphorically, how mistakes provide the necessary material for building upon and moving forward into the future.

SAM at 8Q, 8 Queen Street, S188535

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