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4 Organisations Doing Good You Should Check Out

Embracing empathy and social responsibility is easier than you think

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Photo: Royal Caribbean

4. Royal Caribbean

With over a thousand guests on board at any one time, is environmental friendliness really one of the top priorities for a cruise carrier like Royal Caribbean? Turns out the answer is yes.

Some environmental initiatives onboard the international cruise line range from simple ones like hand sorting waste from every trash receptacle on board the ship to carefully separate materials that can be recycled, to using a stringent chemicals management process to identify the most sustainable and effective chemical products for use throughout the fleet, thereby reducing potential harm to the environment.

The next time you’re on a cruise (or hotel, or even at home for that matter), remember to turn off the water while brushing or shaving, and switch off the lights and TV when they’re not needed. These little things count more than you’d imagine, and all we have to do is to be a little more socially responsible, and conscious of our actions and their consequences.

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