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6 Spooky Cocktails To Try This Halloween

Photos: Cointreau

With the help of six bartenders, original French liqueur Cointreau has come up with six spine-chilling cocktails this Halloween season. We track them down and share the taste and inspiration of each one.

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1. Oh Well by Pan Zheng, KUVO

Movie Inspiration: The Ring

After 4 teenagers die in an unusual way, Asakawa, a reporter, sets out to investigate their deaths. She discovers that Sadako, a vengeful spirit, has been responsible for the killings – ending her victims’ lives in 7 days after they watch a cursed videotape.

When the Japanese original came out in 1991, it became an instant classic, with Hollywood even remaking it in 2002. To create this cocktail, Pan was inspired by the iconic scene of Sadako coming out of a well. The unique aroma comes from the Vietnamese egg coffee-Cointreau Noir pairing, while the design of the cocktail would not unfamiliar to fans of the horror cult.

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