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6 Spooky Cocktails To Try This Halloween

Photos: Cointreau

With the help of six bartenders, original French liqueur Cointreau has come up with six spine-chilling cocktails this Halloween season. We track them down and share the taste and inspiration of each one.

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6. What Dreams Are Made of by Mohd Irwan, Summerlong

Movie Inspiration: Stephen King’s IT

Seven pre-teen outcasts fight a shapeshifting demon who poses as a clown, preys on young children and is known as “the eater of worlds and children”. Thirty years later, they reunite to stop the demon once and for all

“I was dazzled by how IT changed the perception of clowns,” Irwan exclaimed. “They are loved by children because of their tricks and humour … (but then) when Stephen King’s IT came out in 1990, it transformed clowns into subjects of fear” Within a generation, clowns turned from harmless entertainers to murderous demons. Irwan’s cocktail represents this transition, with the childish nature of milkshakes with a bittersweet twist of horror – think of it as a milkshake for adults!

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