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Bring Home Feline Printed Tumblers, Ceramics And Totes From Starbucks Latest Collaboration

The collection is crazy cute!

It is not uncommon to find designers immortalising their beloved pets on their own collections as professions of love.

French fashion house Paul & Joe's founder Sophie Machaly lives up to this observation by adorning her feline furry friend Gispy in the latest collection with coffee chain Starbucks.

With its wistful sapphire eyes, the kitty cat can be found on ceramic mugs, totes and tumblers in a backdrop of bubble-filled blue to match its eyes. The sky blue background also happens to be Machaly's favourite colour.

Other variations also feature floral prints with the brand's iconic chrysanthemum motif, in blue and white shades, taking center-stage. These blooms are set against a backdrop of soft pink that is truly reminiscent of spring.

Available from today onwards, here's a peak of the 2018 Paul & Joe + Starbucks collection:

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Paul & Joe + Starbucks Thermos Tumblers (16 fl oz), $64.90

Thermos stainless steel tumblers with a spill-proof lid.

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