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Restaurant Review: Uni Gallery Is A Literal Dream Destination For Uni Lovers

The restaurant’s sea urchins are air-flown in four times a week to ensure optimal freshness

So how do you take your uni? Is it on a bed of rice, wrapped securely in a sushi roll or perhaps adorned a jiggly chawanmushi? Perhaps you rather the oceanic delight on its own, because you’re a purist like that.

We recently found a delightful place where the uni is comparable to the ones we’ve had in Hokkaido, both in terms of price and freshness. Tucked away in the basement of The Plaza, Uni Gallery is not the easiest restaurant to find, but it’s definitely worth your trip down for its incredibly affordable prices.

Over here, diners can taste a variety of uni originating from all the world and prepared in many different ways. Here are some of the dishes that left us wanting more:

Uni Oyster Shot, $25

The most popular dish at Uni Gallery, this dreamy combination of fresh Canadian oysters, uni, and fish roe is something quite exquisite. Embodying an overall silky profile, the shot of oceanic finest slides down your throat ever so smoothly and leaves you yearning for more.

Le Tetsuya, $48

Squid caviar, Hokkaido crab, and fresh sea urchin, all sit pretty inside a wine glass. We’re taking this over a glass of red any day!

Ruibe Uni Shutou, $60

This is the oldest way to eat uni, by marinating and then freezing the sea urchins. The resulting taste is one that is very rich, almost like uni-frozen cheese. Might be an acquired taste for someone, but we really like it.

2-Type Premium Uni Chirashi, $60

This unassuming bowl of sea urchin rice lets diners choose between two different kinds of sea urchins paired with eel roe and other fresh ingredients. However, the generous portion of tangerine uni still remains the star of the entirety.

Uni Mentaiko Pasta, $38

Mentaiko spaghetti and uni, topped with sakura shrimps. This might just be the most delicious pasta we’ve ever tried!

Alongside its range of sashimi, Uni Gallery’s sea urchins are air-flown in four times a week from Canada and Japan, so you’ll be guaranteed of freshness every single time you visit!

Address: #B1-310, The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road, Singapore 199591
Contact No.: 9838 8209 
Operating Hours: 11:30am–3pm, 6pm–10pm

A Chinese version of the article appeared here.