5 Luxury Home Appliances That Will Make You Go ‘Wah!’

Home is where the heart is, so why not make it the best?

With Singapore pushing towards being a Smart nation, more and more home appliances are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Such appliances have helped us reduce the burden of household chores, while providing greater convenience in our lives.  Here, we picked out five high-end home appliances that will change your lifestyle at home:

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Photo: LG

2. LG Styler Steam Clothing System 

Created to make laborious laundry duties easier, the LG steam styler seeks to provide the complete laundry care service for garments that need the extra care. From coats to jackets and pants to even special items like soft toys and duvets, the LG Styler is a great tool to have at home to refresh your clothes. Now, with the LG SmartThinQ app, users can monitor their garments from anywhere at any time.

LG TrueSteam Technology

With the LG TrueSteam, sanitising clothes, removing odours, pollutants and unwanted wrinkles become a fuss-free matter. What was once difficult, can now be done quickly and effectively. The deep-penetrating jet of water combined with the Styler’s gently moving hanger helps shake off unpleasant smells and creases with the press of a button.

Gentle Low-Temperature Dry System

There are fears when you throw your clothes into the dryer. Not with the LG Styler. With its low-temperature drying system and the gentle shaking mechanism, clothes that require special care need not be afraid of accidental damage. Furthermore, with its controlled heat, clothes are not damp and do not shrink.


On top of just being a dryer for delicate clothing, the LG Styler helps keep clothing, as well as, the room surroundings refreshed so long as it is kept open at a 45-degree angle.

Available at all major consumer electronic stores from $3099

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