10 Singaporean Instagram Stars We’re Currently Following Online

Does @weekendersgp match up to these influencers?

In the wake of sex scandals, photoshop fails and unethical business practices, Instagram and the stars who ride on the platform have come under scrutiny for their authenticity and the dubious only-good-vibes persona.

That is still notwithstanding that these supposed 'influencers' have truly brought a new dimension to traditional marketing, where there's now a subset pool of Instagrammers called 'Mirco-influencers'.

Even the government has taken the Instagram route, clearly exemplified when the Ministry of Finance roped in several social media influencers to tap into their younger following for promotion of the annual Singapore Budget back in February.

So therein begs the question: Do these Insta-stars, with their growing fame and influence, require to uphold a certain level of online professionalism?

We think so. But at the end of the day, we're here for the good-looking people and the pleasing aesthetics they have curated ever so thoughtfully on their feeds.

So here are just 10 Instagram stars who truly are a sight for sore eyes:

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2. @benjaminkheng

Benjamin Kheng needs no introduction if you are already a fan of the local band The Sam Willows. Charming schoolgirls with that million dollar smile, the crooner often uploads behind-the-scenes action of him and the band recording on his Instagram stories. If you’re the kind of guy who is a little awkward during photo-taking, follow him to get that inspiration for poses.

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