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#BucketList: Take A Dip In A Literal Pink Lake In Western Australia

Who knew water sports a colour?

Photo: Shutterstock.com

Mother Nature needs almost no help at all when it comes to vying for attention.

From stunning sunsets in Santorini to rainbow-hued Peruvian mountains, it is safe to say that nature is one heck of show-off, of which travellers will gleefully revel in.

While nature’s splendour is usually noted by its vastness, the divine blessing of colours contributes largely to the gripping beauty that comes with the scene.

For Lake Hillier in Western Australia, it takes but only a singular shade of bubblegum pink to put the natural wonder on the map.

An eight-hour drive or 1.5-hour flight from Perth takes you to Esperance, where sandy white beaches and untouched coastal scrub lie. The south coast of Western Australia is most famously known for the Recherche Archipelago that is basically a cluster of 105 islands. Out of the lot, you’ll find the Middle Island where the picturesque Lake Hillier resides.

Shrouded by a rim of sand and lush foliage of eucalyptus trees, the 600 metre-long lake still baffles researchers on its peculiar bubblegum pink shade, so far only speculating that the bacteria that lives in the salt crusts gave it its colour.

So is it safe to waddle through the lake’s pink waters?

Definitely. So do pack a set of swimwear if you intending to pop by. Due to the high salt content, chances are you’ll mostly bob up and down like a bottle cork in a sea of rosé.

With that saying, the best way to take in Lake Hillier’s glorious colour is from above via a scenic flight, where you can marvel at the vivid contrast of the lake and the surrounding greenery. You can also opt for a cruise to come face to face with these magical waters, making for the perfect time to bust out your swimming gear and check off the ‘Swim In A Pink Lake’ option on your bucket list.