SnapChat, WhatsApp, Google Maps All Had Recent Updates

WhatsApp is not the only one to add new features to their app

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Yesterday, Weekender broke the news that messaging service WhatsApp launched new features allowing users to bold, italicise and strikethrough their text messages. But, that was not the only change happening in the app-mosphere. Other popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Google Maps and the DBS Banking App have also made significant changes you should know about.



1. Snapchat

Snapchat launched ‘chat 2.0′ yesterday which allows users to call and video chat with their friends in real time. Leave audio notes and even send lots of stickers to your best friends on Snapchat.

The way you view your friends’ stories have also changed. All stories  now play consecutively, making it harder to ignore the stories of the person you’re friends with on Snapchat but can’t stand.


2. Instagram

Don’t worry, the new Instagram algorithm that replaces your chronological home page hasn’t kicked in yet, but Instagram did announce a new feature yesterday. You can now record and post one-minute long videos on Instagram, compared to the measly 15-second clips of the past. The capability has started rolling out but you might not have it yet.

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3. Google Maps

On Mar 23, Google Maps implemented a new dedicated taxi services tab that can help you compare pickup times and prices of different taxi services. Currently in Singapore, our taxi tab only reveals the price of an Uber and how far away the closest Uber is from me. We hope that Google Maps will include more taxi services from Singapore like Grab and Comfort so that we can get the cheapest deals.



4. DBS and POSB Mobile Banking

Users of the old DBS and POSB Mobile Banking Apps are encouraged to download the new digibank SG apps instead. The old apps will go out of service come Apr 1.

The new apps have a fresh new design that makes checking your bank balance a lot easier. My favourite function is the “swipe to peek” feature that lets you check your latest bank balance without even having to log into the app.