Remember Gunbound? You Can Now Play It On Your Smartphone

Relish the nostalgic artillery game with your own fleet of battle mobiles

With the likes of old-school PC games such as Maplestory already available on iOS and Android, Gunbound sure took its time to make its move to the mobile realm — not that anyone’s complaining.

Partnering with Gunbound creator Softnyx, developer DargomStudio has created the free-to-play artillery mobile game, GunboundM, to embody the mechanics of PC version, but not without a few changes.

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Unlike its classic format where players control a single battle-mobile and team up with other players, the app has each player controlling a fleet of up to three battle mobiles, before battling it out with another opponent.

It is essentially a one-on-one shooting showdown, with players controlling their own team of mobiles.

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Single players can also make use of the AI battle system called Battle Training, where they can fight against AI-controlled mobiles to receive special rewards and practise their skills while at it.

Plus, GunboundM has in-app purchases including special avatars, unique battle-mobiles, along with their upgrades and customisations.

This free-to-download app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.