The Best EZ-Charms Released So Far That We Really Need

Take your favourite Pokemon or superhero with you on your MRT and bus rides

They make our daily commute easier and they are a wonderful accessory to show off our favourite fandoms. It's no wonder EZ-Link charms, also known as EZ-Charms, have really taken off lately. A new one arrives almost every month, and even though we might already own an EZ-Charm, we still cry for our wallets because we just need this new one. The designs are always so good! And so creative, they vary from wearable to embroidered charms that you can hang on your phone, wallet, pouch or bag.

If you're bored with the ol' EZ-Link card, a charm is worth the extra cash. We have selected our favourite and most popular EZ-Charms that have been launched to date. The following charms are sold out, mostly within the day and some within a few hours, but they are still available for purchase from re-sellers on Shopee or Carousell.

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2. Fortune Hello Kitty EZ-Charm

Released specially for the Chinese New Year season this year, this Japanese fortune cat-style embroidered Hello Kitty charm was sold out within 24 hours. However, you can still get it from re-sellers.

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