6 Easy Ways To Shape Up After The Festivities

Work off the calories and sweat it out with these fun and new workouts

If you're starting to feel the sluggish effects of the festivities' indulgences, it's not too late for damage control!

To help you shape up again, we've rounded up six workout ideas that will help to tone muscles, burn calories and slim that waistline.

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Photo: Fitbit

5. Fitbit Fitstar

If you’ve been considering a Fitbit tracker to aid your fitness journey, now’s a good time. Customers who purchase a Fitbit tracker from now until 30 Apr, can enjoy a free 90-day Fitstar Premium subscription. The handy app lets one workout anytime and anywhere, with adaptive video workouts that evolve as one progresses — with routines build to match your fitness level, strength and stamina.

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