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#WeekenderTries: Moisteane’s Luxe 8-Step Skincare Regime

We find out if the Japanese skincare system delivers anti-ageing goodness as promised

Photos: Moisteane

When I’m strapped for time, my idea of skincare simply slapping on some moisturiser. Even then, I sometimes feel those precious few seconds could be put to better use.

Imagine my shock when I realised Moisteane, which hails from Japan, is a skincare regime with up to eight luxurious steps — who has time for that?

In the Land Of The Rising Sun, it’s no surprise to see beauty ritualised like the many things revered, such as an austere tea ceremony.

Japanese celebrities and beauty insiders are said to be loyal fans of Moisteane, which taps on skincare technology to create a bespoke beauty regimen for each person.

Hands-on beauty ritual

I had a taste of it at Shunji Matsuo, a popular Japanese hair salon chain, which now offers a special corner for skincare enthusiasts to experience Moisteane for themselves.

The session kicked off with a personal consultation by a Moisteane advisor, who quickly learnt of my slightly troubled, combination skin.

She guided me to the sink where I cleansed my skin with the Cleansing Serum ($82). Even without a makeup remover, the serum quickly stripped away all traces of makeup, even my waterproof eyeliner!

After which, she taught me to create a handful of foam with the Hydra Palm Soap ($38) via a netting. The fluffy lather left my skin feeling clean, without a tinge of dryness.

Following that, I massaged a few drops of Deep Serum ($127) into my skin.

Bespoke skincare

Then came the interesting part.

The Revital Serum ($148) was to be applied via the Moisteane Skin Conditioner. The palm-sized and paddle-like beauty device offers massage and treatment modes in two different frequencies (higher and lower) and three output pressures (soft, high or low).

As such, one can easily create a bespoke facial experience at home.

The massage cycle is said to enable ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers while the treatment mode allows a better absorption of products.

As I moved the device across my skin, there was barely any sensation, although my Moisteane advisor assured me that it was doing its job just fine.

The treatment mode was repeated with the Firming Serum ($127). By then, I was getting the hang of it.

To finish off, a sheer layer of UV Protect ($63) was applied.

The verdict? My skin felt plump and moisturised, with a nice lifted effect at the jawline.

While the elaborate and very hands-on skincare regime wasn’t life-changing (after a single session, that is), it deserves credit for how luxurious it made my skin feel.

For a Moisteane trial, call 6238 1522/1514.

Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio,#05-23, Ngee Ann City, Tower B, 
391 Orchard Road