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ambi pur air freshener home smell unpleasant pleasant avoid how to best

ambi pur air freshener home smell unpleasant pleasant avoid how to best

Smells and odours have an undeniable impact on our daily lives, from helping in relaxation to improving concentration, to triggering memories

Our olfactory memories are powerful ones, and the scent of a loved one’s perfume could trigger in us memories of them. Scents and even stenches play an important role in everyday life, having the ability to influence impressions, moods and ambience.

Whether or not your home smells pleasant might be something that only you can figure out yourself, as a recent Ambi Pur ASEAN Air Care survey revealed that two in five respondents in Singapore would choose to ignore or tolerate unpleasant smells in someone’s house to avoid offending the owner.

Conversely, at least seven in ten respondents in the survey feel that pleasant smells in someone’s home is a way of showing that the owner cares for their guests.

The Ambi Pur ASEAN Air Care Survey surveyed 500 people between 25 to 45 years old across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia for a better understanding of consumer impressions towards smells.

Revealing Findings

It was found that scents can make or break a good day. The stench of garbage, the trail of stale smoke or the putrid smell of vomit were ranked as the top three unpleasant odours across the five countries polled, and can ruin even the best of experiences.

At an event organised by Ambi Pur, “Smelly to Smiley”, there was an activity where scented papers were passed around, and guests were asked to guess what each scent was. Even though not everyone could identify the scents correctly we all agreed which ones were pleasant and, others, unmistakably unpleasant.

Thus, it makes sense to ensure that one’s home and office smell pleasant as a means of improving moods and impressions of the people around you.

In another activity, we were given three scented papers, and asked which scent corresponded with “creativity”, “happiness” and “relaxation”. Amazingly, most people matched the correct concept to the scents even if they could not identify each scent.

This means that choosing appropriate scents might be able to stimulate creativity or relaxation in the office, or at home, if done correctly.

Eliminating Odours

Unlike many air fresheners that simply mask malodours with heavy scents, Ambi Pur Air Effects and the range of air fresheners can neutralise and eliminate bad smells in one’s environment while delivering a fresh fragrance simultaneously.

“By providing up to four times more malodour removal ingredients compared to conventional aerosol sprays, Ambi Pur can capture and eliminate a broader range of malodours including those with complex chemical structures,” said Tomoko Shindo, of the Research & Development department in Procter & Gamble.

This ensures that the fragrant mist emitted does not simply mask the odour but completely removes it.

Ambi Pur Air Effects collection and the full range of Ambi Pur air fresheners are available in stores.